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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

9th July 2020 

Advesta Sarva Bhutanam (bear no ill-will against living being), Sarva bhuta hite ratah (always engage in promoting the well being of all beings), Samah shatrau cha mitre cha cha (consider foe and friend alike) - jewels like these contained in the Gita, are, as known to all, pointers to the need for Universal Love. By declaring that man shall not bear ill-will towards the entire world of living beings, the Gita is positing a lesson with invaluable inner meaning that in all beings and even in all things, there is a moving, revolving, and active illumining Principle which is the Divine, appropriately called as Atma. It is a wrong against God, this omnipresent Divine, to hate living beings, to injure them; that is to say, it is as bad as hating and injuring oneself - the reason being that the injurer is as much a living being with God as his core, as the injured. - Divine Discourse, Jul 29, 1969

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