Your bank helps you to keep your money safe when you deposit it there. The bank will allow you to make use of it when you are in difficulty. But your money helps you only in worldly distress. You accumulate it with great care, by thousands of acts of denial, denying yourselves this comfort or that convenience, saving in this item and that, spending less and earning more; but a day comes when you have to leave the pile and go, empty handed. This passbook will not be looked into there. While you should develop the habit of saving in a bank for the sake of old age and a rainy day, it is necessary that you should develop the ‘saving habit’ for the hereafter too, so that you may be ‘saved’. Dharmam cara, satyam vada (Do righteous deeds, speak the truth) - that is the method. Righteousness, Truth and Love are the currency accepted by that other bank. All acts, words and feelings ringing with the purity of these metals will be accepted as deposits. (Divine Discourse, Jul 14, 1966)
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