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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

26th March 2019 

The eagle is pestered by crows so long as it has a fish in its beak. They swish past that so they could steal the fish out of its mouth, pursuing the bird wherever it sits for a little rest. Finally when the eagle gives up the attachment to the fish and drops it from its beak, the crows fly away, leaving the eagle free. So leave off sense pleasures and the crows of pride, envy, malice, and hatred will fly away, for they want only carrion. The snake moves in curves and not in a straight line. Individuals too move in a crooked path when they follow the senses. Practise renunciation from now on so that you may set out on the journey when the call comes; you don't know when. Else at that moment, you will be in tears, when you think of the house you have built, the property you have accumulated, the fame you have amassed, and the trifles you have won. (Divine Discourse,Oct 10, 1964)

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