Women, who were the bulwarks of Indian culture, the guardians of ancient spiritual wealth, are fast succumbing to flimsy attractions of foppish culture, as is evident from the modes of living and social behaviour of present times. This is the result of the artificial and empty system of education, as well as the subtle pulls of cheap literature and shoddy films. Today’s young women are the mothers and teachers of the generation of leaders to come. Everyone must respect their five Mothers: Deha mata, the mother who gave birth to you; Go mata, the cow that gives sustaining milk; Bhu mata, the land that grows the crops; Desha mata, your motherland that gives protection, care, love, rights and chances to serve and elevate yourself to great heights, and Veda mata, the spiritual treasure that reveals the purpose of life and leads you to Self-Realization. The Deha mata must reveal to the child the glories of all the others; so her responsibility is the greatest and most crucial. (Divine Discourse, Jul 22, 1968)