Once the saints Namadeva and Gyanadeva were travelling in a forest. They felt thirsty and searched for water and came across an old dried up well. Gyanadeva, who followed the path of wisdom, transformed himself into a bird and flew down, drank the water and returned. Namadeva saw this and didn’t agree with the approach. He thought that one must elevate oneself from this human birth to Divine and not the other way. So he sat at that spot and chanted the name of the Lord. Every time he did it with intensity, the level of water began to rise higher and higher and finally the well started overflowing. He comfortably drank the water and was blissful. He demonstrated clearly wisdom is useful but is not greater than Divinity. He clearly taught the precious lesson that the Name of the Lord will grant everything that one needs in life and ultimately the Divine Himself. (My Dear Students, Vol 3, Ch 13, Mar 16, 1998)