You build a house and install doors in it, isn’t it? After installing doors in your house, will you allow animals and reptiles like donkeys, pigs, snakes and scorpions to enter your home, just because the doors are there? No! Even if they try to enter, you will drive them away and close the door, isn’t it? Similarly control the door of your heart. If you close the door of your heart to evil qualities, they cannot enter. You should not get angry with anyone, nor criticise or harm anyone. If, for any reason, such circumstances arise, control yourself. When anger overtakes you, put it down immediately considering it as your worst enemy. It is said: ‘Anger is your enemy, patience is your shield of protection, and happiness is your heaven’. Fill your heart with love and compassion. When you fill your heart with love, you will see God everywhere. Bereft of love, you will see only devils everywhere! (Divine Discourse, May 2, 2006)