Arjuna entered the battlefield, fully equipped and fanatically determined to destroy his enemies. But when he took his position in the battlefield, he saw 'my teachers’, 'my grandfather’, 'my kinsmen’, 'my cousins', etc. and he was moved so much by this sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ that he discarded the bow and desired to return to the forest and beg for the rest of his life, than fight the war. The ‘I’ that has really nothing to do with earthly possessions, blinded him. Lord Krishna taught Bhagavad Gita and removed this delusion (moha). The lesson for you is “Be unmoved by duality”. Let not defeat or success affect your inner calm and inner joy. See yourself as your Self unrelated to others or the objective world. When you know your real Self, you are liberated! That is Moksha. Liberation (Moksha) is not a five-star hotel or a deluxe resort. It is just the awareness of your reality and the rejection of all contrary conceptions. (Divine Discourse, Oct 6, 1970)