There is a vast difference between India five centuries ago, and India today, in the field of sense control. Today senses are allowed free play; every human being is a slave to greed, lust and egoism. The fault lies entirely with parents and elders. When children go to temples or religious discourses, they reprimand them and warn them that it is a sign of insanity. They tell them that religion is an old-age pursuit; it should not be taken seriously by youngsters! But, if only you encourage the children, they can equip themselves better for the battle of life. Every parent ought to advise their children: "Be convinced that there is God, guiding and guarding us. Remember Him with gratitude. Pray to Him to render you pure. Love all, serve all. Join good company. Visit temples and holy men." Campaign against the temptations of the senses, conquer inner foes and triumph over your ego. That is the true victory that deserves celebration! (Divine Discourse, Jan 1, 1967)