There are people who go about declaring that there is no God because they are unable to see Him. They say that they have searched in space, on the way to the moon, and even on the moon there was no sign of the Almighty. But they themselves are the mansions in which He resides, all the time! Like the blind bamboozling the blind into a fall, others too repeat like parrots this ‘fashionable slogan’. No one sees the roots, but the roots are indeed there, deep in the soil, away from all eyes. Can you assert that there are no roots for trees, that nothing feeds them or upholds them from below? God feeds, sustains, holds firm - though unseen, He can be seen by those who make the effort, along the lines laid down for the purpose by those who have succeeded in experiencing Him. God is, as butter in milk, visible when concretized by spiritual striving (Sadhana). (Divine Discourse, May 15, 1969)