You must become heroes in action. It does not behoove of you to spend your time in idle talk, without involving yourself in some solid work for the benefit of the nation. Bend your body and work hard to attain glory. A seed that is sown in the soil, loses its shape to ultimately become a gigantic tree. That tree yields sweet fruits. Similarly it is only when you destroy your ego and lose your identity, real fruit of your actions come out. Therefore, remove your attachment to your body (dehabhimana) and develop attachment to the country (deshabhimana). Love is a quality permeating every living being. Truth is verily the embodiment of Divinity. It is in you, with you, around you, everywhere, protecting you always, at all times. You need not search for God in some distant place. Truth is the very embodiment of God. Do not ever move away from Truth. (Divine Discourse, 22 Nov 2002)