This is tragic: when good things are spoken, you find it difficult to pay attention, but when demeaning, distracting things are said, the ears are on the alert. Be the master of your behaviour; do not be led away by the impulse of the moment; be conscious always of what is good for you. Carry on your daily tasks so that you do not make others suffer or suffer yourself. That is the sign of intelligent living. Do not give way to fits of anger or grief or elation or despair. The confusion you exhibit was the result of dark and dull (tamasic) and emotional (rajasic) qualities. Train your ears to listen quietly to good and maintain your composure. Be calm and unruffled and collected (satwic). The more you develop charity for all beings, contrition at your own faults, and fear of wrong and fear of God — the more firmly you will be established in peace. (Divine Discourse, Feb 27, 1961)