The stream of life is marked by different stages - in each stage you fall a prey to vices like egoism, jealousy and falsehood instead of cultivating truth, righteousness and humility. During your childhood, you lead an innocent life without being aware of the distinction between the worldly and sacred paths (Preyo and Sreyo Marga). But as age advances, you take to the worldly path, rather than to the sublime path. Plunging into the river of desire, tossed by the waves of delusion, getting immersed in the waters of family life, and submerged by peacelessness and strife, you are swallowed by the whale of discontentment. To turn human life from this mundane existence towards the Divine it is essential to have association with Truth, Sath sangam. Sath refers to that which remains the same regardless of time, place or circumstance. One should associate oneself with this Truth. Merging the consciousness with this Truth you should experience the bliss of such association. ( Divine Discourse, 31 Aug 1992)