You get the human body through the karma of the past; you get the ‘type of character’ according to the tendencies (vasanas) cultivated in the past. Do not delude yourself that you are the body or be fascinated into an attachment for it. But it is your task to guard it from harm and keep it in good trim. For, isn’t it with your body that you are imbibing the exhilaration of the bliss of the Lord, the Majesty of the Lord? Therefore, do not deride the body or treat it with contempt. That equipment is intended for your journey towards the Lord; it is the Lord’s chariot; do not neglect or keep it in disrepair. Do not lament, “Oh, this is my fate, my own past punishing me, I must suffer, I cannot escape it.” People get disheartened thus. If karma is so inescapable, what is the use of prayer, of remembering the Lord’s name, of meditation, or of the ritual of worship? Have faith, persist and win the grace of the Lord, and all the accumulated burden will be burnt into ashes in a moment! → Divine Discourse, 25-10-1961