Today, though in outward appearance people are human, in inner impulse they are sub-human and demonic; the one who has no charity or sacrifice (dana) is called a Danava (demon). Divine (Deva) and demon (Danava) are both present in the human make-up and now the devil rules the roost! Therefore people have lost their glow, power and splendour! Every one of you must strive and win it again by spiritual practices (Sadhana). So make yourselves pure by incessant striving. Remain convinced that the world can give you only fleeting joy; grief is but the obverse of joy. Strive now, from this very moment and develop full and everlasting happiness. Be true to yourself. Be bold and focused on your goal; be sincere in your practices from today, for time is rushing like a swift torrent. (Divine Discourse, Dec 28, 1960)