The festival of Deepavali is to express gratitude at the defeat of the Naraka (demonic) tendencies in man, which drags one down from Divinity. Naraka, whose death at the hands of Krishna is celebrated today, signifies hell. Narakaasura is the personification of all the traits of character that obstruct the upward impulses of man. The human being is a composite of man, beast and God, and in the inevitable struggle among the three for ascendency, you must ensure that God wins, suppressing the merely human and the lowly beast. The griha (home) where the Name of the Lord is not heard is a guha (cave), and nothing more. As you enter it, as you leave it and while you are in it, regularly perfume it, illumine it and purify it with the Name. Light it as a lamp at dusk and welcome it at dawn, as you welcome the Sun. That is the genuine Deepavali, the Festival of Lamps.