You want to study well, pass and get a first-class. After that you want to get a good position, get married and lead a happy family life. And then you desire for children, and want that they be intelligent and do well in life. There is no limit for such desires. The most important reason for bondage is giving too much freedom to the mind. For example, when an animal is tethered to a post, it will not be able to go to another place and spoil it. It will not be able to show anger or violence or do harm to any person. But if it is untied and let loose, it can roam over various fields, destroy the crops and cause loss and harm to others. For the mischief it does, it gets beaten. Similarly, the mind must be bound by certain regulations and limits. As long as one lives within certain limits and disciplines, as well as particular rules and regulations, one will be able to maintain a good name and lead a happy and useful life. [Divine Discourse, Feb 17, 1985]