A tree is justified by fragrant flowers bringing forth sweet fruits. If on the other hand, its leaves dry, flowers fade and the fruits refuse to grow, the farmer will examine the roots and discover that they are eaten up by pests. So too, if virtues do not blossom and yield sweet fruits in you, then the roots of Divinity might have been destroyed or harmed. Envy, greed, malice, etc. are the pests that rapidly destroy the roots. All of you are near and dear to the Lord; only you must have the staunch determination to realize Him. Welcome hardships, trials and sufferings. Dwell on the Name of the Lord which is dear to you, steadily and with faith. Discard all inferior sources of joy. Know that the Lord is the spring of joy in every heart. When you repeat the Name of the Lord with a pure heart, He will fill you with bliss and joy.
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