You take great care to see that the house that you own and live in is charming, impressive and comfortable! You get angry even if a poster is pasted on its walls. Then one day, you sell it. It is no longer the object of your attachment. Even if lightning strikes it, you are not disturbed! With the money you got, you purchase some fields. Now your attachment moves to the fields. Over a period of time, you sell them and put the money in a bank. Now, your attachment grows towards the bank account. Now what exactly is yours and what are you attached to? It is not the house, fields, or money; it is prestige, comfort, show, greed – things that arose in your mind as desires! Truly it is your ego that you are attached to. Each of you must take up some spiritual effort in order to cleanse the mind of lust and greed, of envy and hate.
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