Just as while eating you reject bad food, you must reject bad thoughts and take in only good and wholesome thoughts into the mind. Do not bear any ill-will towards those who may have done some harm to you. By returning evil for evil, how are you better than the other person? It is only when you do good even to the person that causes harm to you that you can show your better nature. Your face is the index of your mind. When you bear ill-will towards anyone, your enmity is reflected in your face and manners. When you entertain good and loving thoughts, your heart is filled with joy and you experience an upsurge of happiness. If you fill your heart with hatred, envy and pride, your life will become a dreary desert. On the other hand, if you fill your heart with love, your entire life becomes a saga of love. [Divine Discourse, Jul 31, 1986]
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