Virtuous conduct also ensures mental peace, and that in turn saves you from many a physical and mental illness. If you overstep the bounds (mithi), you will not progress (gathi). Coming to the topic of physical illness, I must tell you that you must practice moderation in food, drink, sleep and exercise. Good food taken in moderate quantities, at regular intervals — that is the prescription. Pure, wholesome (satwic) food promotes self-control and intelligence more than passion-producing (rajasic) and impure (tamasic) food. For spiritual aspirants, pure and wholesome food is very necessary. Subtle invisible thought-forms can pass from one person to another through food. Hence you must be very careful about food, especially where you are proceeding Godward, through the steep path of yoga. Sleep too should be regulated and moderate; it is as important as work and food. Remember also that dress is primarily for protection against heat and cold, not for vain display even at the cost of health. (Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1961)
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