Youth today are in great need of good company. By associating with people who use bad language and indulge in unholy deeds, youth take to bad ways. You should totally eschew bad company of every kind. You need a lamp to find a way through a dark jungle. Likewise, in the jungle of life, you need the light and guidance of good individuals to keep you company on the right path and to lead you to the right goal. Even a bad person, in association with the good, gets reformed. But a good person, falling into bad company, becomes bad. If you add one litre of milk to ten litres of water, milk is so diluted that it becomes valueless. But one litre of water added to ten litres of milk acquires higher value. When you cultivate friendship, ensure that you join a group of those who are good in their speech, behaviour and actions. Maintain only normal relations with others. (Divine Discourse, Feb 19, 1987)
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