Vedas have given four Mahavakyas (divine axioms) to the world. One of which is, Prajnanam Brahma (Knowledge is Divinity). What is Prajnana? Is it bookish knowledge? Is it the knowledge that is forgotten with the passage of time? Is it related to the experience of the body? No. Not at all. Prajnana is the unchanging and eternal principle, which is in you at all times and under all circumstances. People call it supreme knowledge but the correct translation for this term is Constant-Integrated-Awareness. Though God is present within, man goes in search of Him thinking that He is present only in a particular place. It is tantamount to somebody going in search of one’s own self elsewhere. Realise that the five elements present in you are the very forms of Divine. Divinity is present in every being. The life principle that flows through each and every nerve of the body is verily divine. (Divine Discourse, Oct 9, 2001)
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