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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

26th November 2015 

Putlibai, Mahatma Gandhi’s mother, spent her life in the contemplation of God. She observed a vow wherein she wouldn’t partake food until she heard a cuckoo sing. One day it so happened that the cuckoo was not heard. Gandhi, a small boy then, couldn’t bear to see his mother fasting for a long time. He went behind the house and mimicked the cuckoo’s song. Putlibai felt extremely sad when she realised that her son was uttering a lie. She cried, “O God! What sin have I committed to have given birth to a son who speaks untruth?” Realising the immense grief he had caused to his mother by uttering a lie, Gandhi took a vow that he would never indulge in falsehood ever again. It is imperative that mothers train their children in moral values right from their childhood. Never overlook children’s mistakes – correct them immediately when they stray away from the righteous path and reward them for their good deeds. (Divine Discourse, 19-Nov-2000)

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