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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

29th July 2014 

Ignorance has a very powerful influence on the mind. Arjuna said to Krishna, “The mind is very powerful, however it has a wavering nature.” Lord Krishna said, “A bee has the strength to drill a hole in the hardest variety of wood. However when it enters a lotus, if the lotus closes its petals, then even with all its might, the bee cannot come out of it. Similarly once the all-powerful mind comes to the lotus feet of the Lord it becomes powerless and surrenders. However potent or wavering one’s mind may be, it can be and must be controlled with spiritual practice (Sadhana). When Jesus was nailed in the Cross, his followers were deeply pained and in great grief. He said, “Just as this body had a dress, this body is just an attire for the soul. Do not grieve”. He taught his followers, “Do not harm anyone or hurt anyone. Treat everyone alike.” Everyone must practice these teachings. (My Dear Students, Vol 2, Ch 15, Mar 1, 1981)

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