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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd January 2017 

Your vision that is now turned outward towards the phenomenal universe, should be turned inwards towards the Indwelling Spirit. You must manifest the Divine Consciousness inherent within you. You must submit yourself to that Consciousness as a spiritual discipline. This is called ‘Conscious Realisation of the Inner Divine’. The first task is to develop awareness of the Divinity within you. The next stage is the realisation of the truth that the Divinity within is equally present in all others too. You must recognise that the veil or barrier that appears to separate you from others is born of delusion and every effort should be made to remove it. Only then will it be possible to experience the oneness of all living beings. Gradually the realisation, “I am indeed Divine and this world is contained in Me (Aham Eva Idam Sarvam)” will dawn upon you. (Divine Discourse, Feb 16, 1988)

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