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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

14th November 2019 

Embodiments of love! Bharat is the centre of truth, righteousness and morality; of merit, penance and sacrifice (tyaga), and is endowed with the wealth of spirituality and bliss. It is your great good fortune to have been born in this sacred land. Dear Children, you must all live up to the reputation of muddu biddalu (dear children) of your motherland. Do not become moddu biddalu (foolish children) or chedda biddalu (bad children). Your motherland will feel proud of you only when you become noble and ideal. You must resolve to foster spiritual values and the spirit of sacrifice. Consider service as your duty. Service is God. Divinity can be experienced only through service. On deep enquiry, you will know that you are in God, God is in you and you are God. You should be able to understand and act with conviction that you are a spark of the Divine! (Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 2000)

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