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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th October 2017 

When the qualities of an asura (demon) enter nara (man), he becomes Narakasura. In such a person, you find only bad qualities and evil feelings. Such a person does not join the company of the noble and does not make efforts to reach God, but makes friendship with only wicked people. Such a mentality is the consequence of evil deeds over a number of births. Ravana had acquired all types of knowledge like Rama. But unlike Rama, he joined bad company, entertained bad thoughts, and indulged in wicked deeds. Hence, people revere Rama and abhor Ravana. One is revered or ridiculed on the basis of one's conduct. Understand that none should lead a self-centred life. Wherever a good activity is taking place, wherever a prayer meeting is held, take part in them with enthusiasm. The scriptures guide us, “Give up bad company. Join the company of the noble. Perform meritorious deeds day and night.” (Divine Discourse, Nov 4, 2002)

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