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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

26th April 2015 

People yield to delusion and become one with the darkness caused by false values and attachment to the unreal, the ‘me’ and ‘mine’. But the scripture (Shastra) is like a mother; she does not give up. She persists and pursues; she reminds you of your goal so that you will be saved. The scriptures are to be considered as the cause of the awareness of the incomprehensible, immeasurable and inexpressible Brahman. The scriptures are numberless, and a lifetime is too short. Aspirants are plenty; doubts and hesitations are numerous; steadfastness is meager. As a result, no one can claim full mastery. But you need not drink the entire ocean to know its taste; one drop is enough. Similarly, it is impossible to understand all the contents of the scriptures. But it is enough to grasp the important lesson that it teaches and put it into practice. The lesson is: constant remembrance of the Divine. [Sutra Vahini Ch. 2]

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