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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

20th May 2019 

Everyone dresses well before going out, because they want to be respected. While we feel so concerned about the state of our house or clothes, the heart in which the Divine resides is utterly polluted. It is filled with unclean thoughts and impure fancies! What you are doing is concealing your thoughts, and pretending to be impeccable and externally well-dressed. Of what use is such conduct? What is the use in attaching importance to the external appearance of the body and value the respect shown to it? The one who cares only for the body and ignores the state of their mind is a two-legged animal. Honestly examine the impure state of your minds and introspect the double life you are leading, that will help you to get rid of your bad thoughts in a moment! (Divine Discourse, May 20, 1984)

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