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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

24th October 2014 

With the Lord’s name as the very breath of your life, engage in all life's activities, with no fear of fall. When the mind weds worldly activity (pravrithi), the progeny is bondage; when it weds spiritual renunciation (nivrithi), the progeny is freedom. Nivrithi confers fearlessness, and grants strength and courage, for it is desire that weakens man and makes one cringe. Detachment endows you with self-respect, and the capacity to stand up to slander and calumny. There are some who weep at the slightest sign of defeat or disappointment. This is despicable behaviour. When the Lord is installed in the altar of your heart why should you have fear or sorrow? Do you not know He is there, guarding you and guiding you? He is in all beings, always. Remember this fact wherever you are and whatever you may do. If only you do not give up the recitation of His Name you will succeed.

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