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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

5th September 2015 

In order to save humanity, the Lord appeared in a most charming form, so that He could draw devotees’ hearts through Love. This is why He is called 'Raso vai sah' (He is sweetness itself). Krishna incarnated to establish Dharma. So what He likes most is Dharma. Walk in the path of Dharma; that is the worship He is pleased with. The Flute is His favourite. So like a flute, become hollow (devoid of desires) and straight (with no crookedness), and He will accept you. Think of the sublime sweetness that Krishna evoked in the hearts of those who had the good fortune to be His contemporaries! Every one, from the unlettered cowherd to the most profound scholar and sage, was drawn to Him; they held on to Him firmly in unshakeable devotion. Whatever be the hardships and troubles, they never gave up His Lotus Feet. Hold on to the Lord; that is the way to peace and joy. (Divine Discourse, 19-Aug-1968)

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