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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

30th April 2016 

Righteousness (Dharma) is the basis for the entire Universe. A true human being is one who practices the principle of dharma. Burning is the dharma of fire. Many often use the word dharma without knowing its true nature and majesty. Coolness is the dharma of ice. Fire is no fire without burning. Ice is no ice without coolness. Similarly, the dharma of a human lies in performing actions with the body and following the commands of the heart. Every act performed with thought, word, and deed in harmony is a dharmic act! A dharmic life is a divine life! This dharma of the heart is supreme and verily the dharma of life. You must achieve unity in thought, word, and deed at all costs. (Summer Showers Ch2, May 20, 1996.)

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